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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2018To What Extent Does the Use of "Technological Strategies for Classroom Management" (TSCM) Lessen Third Graders' Disruptive Behaviors in an EFL Class?Mejía Agudelo, Juan Esteban
2016How does the implementation of multiple intelligences theory with first graders hold their positive attitude towards English at I. E. Sagrado CorazónRodríguez Suárez, Isabel Cristina
2018How can the implementation of children's literature support the literacy development in a group of first graders at Institución Educativa San Juan Bosco?Rocha Torrado, Karen Johana
2018Strategies that Improve the Language Learning Experience of Seventh Graders with Deficit and Lack of Attention in the English ClassCeballos Zapata, Karina Andrea
2016From management to engagement: An affective teaching approachPalacio Ortiz, Yuliana Andrea
2017From Traditional Grammar to Theme-Based: Teaching English with a PurposeMarín Carvajal, Deisy Carolina
2017The Impact of Process Genre Based Approach in students Written CompetenceValencia Osorio, Leidy Yurany
2017How can Problem-Posing foster meaningful learning experiences for EFL ninth graders?Andrés Felipe, Sierra Orrego
2018The Use of Project Work to Improve English Language Competence in an 11th Grade Group at a Public School in MedellinArcila Avendaño, Manuel Salvador
2017Helping Students Develop the Critical Awareness about Discrimination in the Eighth Grade ClassroomMendoza Bettin, Nelly del Carmen


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