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Título : Juego dramático y pensamiento
Autor : Sierra Restrepo, Zayda
Palabras clave : Expresión artística
Pensamiento creativo
Fecha de publicación : 1995
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Educación
Citación : Sierra Restrepo, Z. (1995). Juego dramático y pensamiento. Revista Educación y Pedagogía, 6(12-13), 91-111.
Abstract : This papcr calis attention to children's Theatrical Expression. specifically an important aspecl of this expression namely Dramatic Play. This aclivity not only allows educators to know studcnts' psychological processes better. but also nurtures and encouragcs their crcative development. A program in Theatrical Expression based on Dramatic Play is strongly rclated to this thrcc áreas: 1) cogniüve thinking development (i.e. spacc and time construction. events coherence and rclationship. reality comprehension, problem solution, critical tliinking); 2) affective development (self-estecm processes, social interaction. confidence in supporting the own ideas and listening others), and 3) creatíve development (fluency, flcxibiliiy, originality and elaboration). Although Drama! ic Play has been recognized and widely used duríng the pre-school years, it is exlremely ignored after a child enters the first grade. To improve our understanding about this important activity, this paper invites to study its dynamics and evolution in late childhood, and ils relationship with other áreas of children's psychological development. In this way, teachers can enrich their daily classroom interaction, and cncourage programs of Theatrical Expression that complement the Art curriculum.
Grupo de INV. : Pedagogía y Diversidad Cultural – DIVERSER
ISSN : 01217593
Aparece en las colecciones: CIEP (Centro de Investigaciones Educativas y Pedagógicas)

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