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Título : Humic Substances Enhance Chlorothalonil Phototransformation via Photoreduction and Energy Transfer
Autor : Porras López, Jazmín
Fernández Hincapié, Jhon Jairo
Torres Palma, Ricardo Antonio
Richard, Claire
metadata.dc.subject.*: Humic Substances
Photodegradation of chlorothalonil
Polychlorinated aromatic
Fecha de publicación : 2014
Editorial : ACS Publications
Citación : Porras-López, J., Fernández Hincapié, J. J., Torres-Palma, R.A., & Richard, C. (2014). Humic Substances Enhance Chlorothalonil Phototransformation via Photoreduction and Energy Transfer. Environmetal Sciencie & Technology, 48(4), 2218-2225. https://doi.org/10.1021/es404240x
Resumen : ABSTRACT: The photodegradation of chlorothalonil, a polychlorinated aromatic fungicide widely used in agriculture, was investigated under ultraviolet–visible irradiation in the presence and absence of different humic substances that significantly enhance the chlorothalonil phototransformation. On the basis of a kinetic model, an analytical study, the effect of scavengers, the chlorothalonil phosphorescence measurement, and varying irradiation conditions, it was possible to demonstrate that this accelerating effect is due to their capacity to reduce the chlorothalonil triplet state via H-donor reaction and to energy transfer from the triplet humic to ground state chlorothalonil. Energy transfer occurs at wavelengths below 450 nm and accounts for up to 30% of the reaction in deoxygenated medium upon irradiation with polychromatic light (300–450 nm). This process is more important with Elliott humic and fulvic acids and with humic acids extracted from natural carbonaceous material than with Nordic NOM and Pahokee peat humic acids. The obtained results are of high relevance to understanding the processes involved in chlorothalonil phototransformation and the photoreactivity of humic substances. Chlorothalonil is one of the rare molecules shown to react by energy transfer from excited humic substances.
metadata.dc.identifier.eissn: 1520-5851
ISSN : 0013-936X
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1021/es404240x
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