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Título : Anticoncepción quirúrgica voluntaria. Manifestaciones de discriminación de género en la atención que reciben hombres y mujeres que eligen la anticoncepción quirúrgica voluntaria en la ciudad de Medellín
Autor : Giraldo Ramírez, Mónica Gisela
Guerra Bedoya, Daniela
Casas Pino, Laura Camila
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Ariza Sosa, Gladys Rocío
Fernández Moreno, Sara Yaneth
metadata.dc.subject.*: Discriminación social
Género y violencia
Atención hospitalaria
Violencia de género
Discriminación sexual
Hombre y embarazo
Derechos reproductivos
Derechos reproductivos - Colombia
Salud generizada
Derechos sexuales
Fecha de publicación : 2019
Resumen : ABSTRACT: The following research shows how gender discrimination manifests itself in the treatment that men and women from 20 to 35 years old receive when practicing Voluntary Surgical Contraception (AQV) in the city of Medellín and how such discrimination is reflected in care received in the health instances with the people who participated in this research. It is guided by the socio-critical paradigm, due to the interest of understanding the experiences of the participants from a critical and gender perspective. Cases or units of analysis were sought in the situation described (AQV), without claims to produce accurate results, but qualitative, flexible and open deductions with the aim of describing the study, substantiating the analysis and communicating results; prioritizing the interpretation of narratives and discourses from subjectivities and everyday practices. The results showed that, in effect, there was gender discrimination in the cases under study (being more evident in the case of women) and it was envisioned that there is a general imaginary regarding reproduction. From the stories, it is shown that in some social circles there is a conception that both women and men must be mothers and fathers, alluding to the image of a traditional family. Even so, it is not overlooked that in the case of the women interviewed, the arguments were more resounding because of the struggles they had to confront in different fields and / or scenarios compared to the men interviewed.
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