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Título : Integración de sistemas de gestión de calidad en salud : norma ISO 9001 : 2000 y sistema único de acreditación en la Clínica CES de la ciudad de Medellín
Autor : Osorio Arboleda, Jackeline
Arbeláez Vélez, Anabelle
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Cañas Marín, Beatriz Elena
metadata.dc.subject.*: Sistema de gestión de calidad
Norma ISO 9001
Clínica CES
Sistema Único de Acreditación
Mejoramiento continuo
Certificación de calidad
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Citación : Osorio Arboleda, J., & Arbeláez Vélez, A. (2005). Integración de sistemas de gestión de calidad en salud : norma ISO 9001: 2000 y sistema único de acreditación en la Clínica CES de la ciudad de Medellín (Tesis de Especialización). Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín.
Resumen : ABSTRACT: Health is a service, whose design and offer always must be in the high-priority agenda of attention on the part of the governments as of the organisms that have been created to offer a satisfactory answer to the lacks and necessities related with this sector. Although the subject of how to prevent, treating and attacking the pathological states has been present in all health service institutions, only with the issue of 100 Law of 1993, it can said that it becomes a topic of general interest. This Law whose determines as ideal point the covering of most of the Colombian population, makes possible the proliferation of new health service institutions, ending therefore the existing state monopoly and taking step to a seasoned competition. In this panorama the most recognized institutions, began to think seriously that the only way to survive is retaining current clients and linking new users to such point of that at least they can reach an economic balance point. A movement of internal processes improvement begins then, and it was looking for the possibility of being put under the external opinion in order to evaluate if developed actions are going in the right way. The nonexistence in the health sector of specific models that allow the external evaluation, takes the health services institutions to adopt a contained universal methodology in norms ISO 9000, designed for this kind of companies. Many institutions obtain the fulfillment certificate of standards of norm ISO 9001 in their versions 1996 or 2000, known as System Certification and they continue to make their processes of audits internal and external to corroborate the use of the fulfillment of the established parameters. In 2002, the Colombian Government, through the Ministry of social Protection, issued the 2309 decree where are set up the minimum regulations for offering Health Care Services in the national territory, which is known as the “Sistema Nacional de Habilitación”. In addition, the resolution #1474 was issued It established a process of external recognition denominated “Sistema de Acreditación”, that is of voluntary adoption but according to market competition it becomes more obligatory than a regulation. At the moment it presents confusion about which of both systems the institutions should choose for initiating a process improvement program and how to switch from one to the other system easily for those are certified or are very ahead in the certification process. Thinking about giving answers to these questions we designed a model that will allow to organizations which exhibit ISO 9001 Certification (or those are in the way of receiving it) to accede to the system of Accreditation in a complementary way and without losing the work made for the certification. The model will also serve for those institutions that star from zero in processes improvement to accede easily to the system of their preference with the possibility of fulfilling the two norms of complementary way. The design was made based on the information collected in CES clinic in Medellín. CES clinic is certified and the way of being credited through the use of the proposed model. Once confirmed its pertinence we hope that it can be applied in any other health organization
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