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Título : A propósito del conflicto escolar
Otros títulos : Talking about school conflict
Autor : Salinas Salazar, Marta Lorena
Posada Giraldo, Diana María
Isaza Mesa, Luz Stella
metadata.dc.subject.*: Conflicto escolar
Violencia escolar - Medellín
Violencia familiar - Medellín
Convivencia escolar
Violencia escolar
Violencia y niños
Violencia en la educación
Fecha de publicación : 2002
Citación : Salinas Salazar, M. L., Posada Giraldo, D. M., & Isaza Mesa, L. S. (2002). A propósito del conflicto escolar. Revista Educación y Pedagogía, 14(34), 243-274.
Resumen : The authors present the first part of the results of a research that intends to identify the social représentations that children in primary school in Medellín have about justice and see haw they have been affected with school, family and social violence to which they have been exposed to. Using naturalistic observation, researchers began approaching 16 different schools. There, they characterize the socio-economic and cultural contexts that surrounded the schools identifying, analyzing and topologyzing the most common situations that origínate conflicts. As a challenge for the school, researchers point out the necessity of implementing a code on democratic valúes and designing and applicatihg stratégies from a participative perspective that might guide an autonomous résolution to the conflicts that occur there.
ISSN : 01217593
Aparece en las colecciones: CIEP (Centro de Investigaciones Educativas y Pedagógicas)

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