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Título : Diseño y experiencia de la regulación en salud en Colombia
Autor : Restrepo Zea, Jairo Humberto
Rodríguez Acosta, Sandra Milena
metadata.dc.subject.*: Sistema General de Seguridad Social en Salud
Regulación en salud
Fecha de publicación : 2004
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia
Citación : Restrepo Zea, J. H. & Rodríguez Acosta, S. M. (2004). Diseño y experiencia de la regulación en salud en Colombia. Borradores del CIE, (11), 1-33.
Resumen : Colombia has a health system based on regulated competence, there interact insurances and health care services markets; they are regulated by variables such as: unidad de pago por capitación or price and the plan obligatorio de salud (quantity and quality); at the same time, there are specifics norms for the agents that participate in them. This research evaluates the regulation in the Colombian system, comparing not only theoretical recommendations with the international experience but also the design of the system and its operation during the first seven years. We did documentary analysis and we took primary information by survey to regulated agents and several interviews and consultations among experts. The actor analyzed is mainly El Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Social en Salud (National Council of Social Security in Health) by their peculiarity in the world, the regulatory framework and the achievements and barriers of the regulators. Although its design in general is adequate, exist empties respect to its coordination and caution on the norms. Also critical aspects are found, frames in the lack of strategic planning and some elements inherent in the structure and operation of the Council, what puts in doubt their autonomy and the common search of good in their decisions.
ISSN : 16922611
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