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Título : La competitividad : aproximación conceptual desde la teoría del crecimiento y la geografía económica
Autor : Lotero Contreras, Jorge Alonso
Moreno Monroy, Ana Isabel
Valencia Amaya, Mauricio Giovanni
metadata.dc.subject.*: Geografía económica
Teorías del crecimiento
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia
Citación : Lotero Contreras, J. A., Moreno Monroy, A. I. & Valencia Amaya, M. G. (2005). La competitividad : aproximación conceptual desde la teoría del crecimiento y la geografía económica. Borradores del CIE, (13), 1-25.
Resumen : This paper reviews the competitiveness concept from different approaches, taking into consideration the developments and contributions of the new theories of trade, growth and geography. From the conceptual revision one concludes that competitiveness is as much a subject of productivity as of structure, but its meaning varies according to the degree of development of the economies. On the other hand, two fields of study help to understand the concept: (1) the conventional theory of growth and trade, which states that competitiveness depends on the trade liberalization, and (2) the modern neoclassic approaches, in which technological capacity and quality of labor lead to the improvement of the competitiveness. From the analysis of these fields, one concludes that, in spite of the importance of the static gains in trade, the industry competitiveness problem must be considered more like a subject of cumulative advantages and dynamic externalities than a comparative advantage issue.
ISSN : 16922611
Aparece en las colecciones: CIC (Centro de Investigaciones y Consultorías en Ciencias Económicas)

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