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Título : Proyecto educativo: maternidad-paternidad como proyecto de vida de los adolescentes
Otros títulos : Education project: the relationship maternity-paternity as a life project of adolescents
Autor : Pulido de Lalinde, Socorro
Escobar Saldarriaga, Isabel
Escobar Vélez, María Eugenia
metadata.dc.subject.*: Adolescencia
Promoción de la salud
Educación en salud
Health promotion
Health education
Fecha de publicación : 1998
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Enfermería
Citación : Pulido de Lalinde S, Escobar Saldarriaga I, Escobar Vélez ME. Proyecto educativo: maternidad-paternidad como proyecto de vida de los adolescentes. Invest Educ Enferm. 1998;16(2): 89-107.
Resumen : This project analyses the problems to which Colombia adolescence population is forced. The problems they have lived range from the general (concerning their ages) and the specific (concerning the generation) within the context of society in social, economic, and cultural crises as well as communication breaking-off which demands a complex capacity of adaptation. If this adaptation is not achieved by adolescents, they will face conflicts with themselves, the family, the school, and the community; the consequences reflect on social problems as violence and non-desired paternity-maternity. In the latter, non-stable free unions prevail, which leads adolescentes to asume the upbringing of their children. In order to approach these problems, this project tries to promote a behavior of self-esteem, respect, freedom, responsible will, equality, integrity, and self-care by means of health promotion strategies. This behavior will favor their life of achieve an effect on the the decision of having a baby. So that this decision should be a planned process in their life project as a contribution to their welfare and reproductive health. In this way, the incidence of non-desired pregnancy and the social impact will be influenced. This project is supported within a social, institutional, and theoretical-conceptual framework.
ISSN : 01205307
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Aparece en las colecciones: CIFE (Centro de Investigaciones de la Facultad de Enfermería)

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