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Título : Evaluation of knowledge, treatment and control of adult high blood pressure in Cocorná-Antioquia (Colombia) in 1997
Otros títulos : Evaluación del conocimiento, tratamiento y control de la hipertensión de los adultos en Cocorná-Antioquia (Colombia) en 1997
Autor : Tobón Marulanda, Flor Ángela
metadata.dc.subject.*: Hipertensión
Factores de riesgo
Fecha de publicación : 2001
Editorial : Fundacion Pharmaceutical Care España
Citación : Tobón Marulanda, F. Á. (2001). Evaluation of knowledge, treatment and control of adult high blood pressure in Cocorná-Antioquia (Colombia) in 1997. Pharmaceutical Care Espana, 3(4), 257–269.
Resumen : RESUMEN: An exploratory descriptive investigation was made of a transversal type with the purpose of evaluating in the Cocorná urban population what concept is held on High Blood Pressure (HBP), their protective factors and their risk factors, the prevention, the treatment and control of the aforementioned illness. According to data obtained from the State Social Services Agency of the said municipality it is the third health problem, after Acute Respiratory Infections and skin and tissue diseases. HBP seems to be related to life styles and community habits; topics that, day to day experience has shown, may be factors that contribute to an improvement or a worsening of the condition. The purpose of this study was to obtain partial data that would be object of future quantitative-analytical investigations on epidemiology and pharmaco-epidemiology, as well as to propose to the State Social Services Agency of this Municipality the structuring and development of an education Program that would be constant and continual about the variables in order to promote changes of attitude to them. As a consequence, to contribute to the diminshing of the aforementioned illness in the region. 198 interviews were organized in the Cocorná Municipality urban area, whose information was listed and processed through EPI-INFO 6.03. The obtained results show the necessity and importance of improving the knowledge, prevention, treatment and follow-up of HBP in the Cocorná population, to do so guidelines were suggested to develop and perfect this purpose.
ISSN : 1139-6202
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