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Título : Hacer sitio al que llega : pedagogía, educación especial y formación
Otros títulos : Making room for the newcomer : pedagogy, special education and training
Autor : Yarza de los Ríos, Víctor Alexander
metadata.dc.subject.*: Pedagogía
Educación Especial
Educación inclusiva
Trayectos educativos
Special Education
Inclusive education
Pedagogical paths/routes
Fecha de publicación : 2013
Editorial : Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas
Citación : Yarza De los Ríos, V. A. (2013). Hacer sitio al que llega: pedagogía, educación especial y formación. Contextos de Educación, 14, 36-43.
Resumen : “Inclusion” seems to be mandatory in schooling processes nowadays. In this way “including” has become imperative. However, this naturalization process should be questioned to stop thinking about “inclusion” in terms of “discourses” and start contributing to the construction of a different schooling system, of a different education for a different world. With this aim in mind, this paper, in the first place argues for a process of critical deconstruction and a despoilment of the truth value of the concept of inclusion- understood in managerial terms and directed to “the vulnerable”. It is necessary to de-standardize the discourses and practices that define themselves as inclusive, re-assess their role in nowadays educational genres and acknowledge their complexity by not simplifying the contexts, the conditions and even less the reflections about the knowledge and subjects of education. In the second place we reflect about school, the standardization of the knowledges that have been schooled and the formalism of the curricular format to suggest that apart from schools, other training spaces are required where the knowledges acquire different timings and logics. It is necessary to open new contexts to create different worlds, different knowledges. Finally, we include some personal reflections based on the book Frankenstein Educador, the imperative of “making room for the newcomer and offering him tools to occupy it”. The pedagogy of difference would, in this case, be favoring the creation of spaces “for arriving” –as shelters- in opposition to the closing of spaces “for staying”. To conclude, we argue about the need of shifting our look away from the vulnerable to the Third Educated. The concept of the Third Educated, coined by the French philosopher Michel Serres, does not reproduce a binary opposition: white –not-white but finds itself in the disclosure of the interstices, of the “in-between spaces” and of staying and travelling places. This implies an endless and ubiquitous learning-teaching process.
ISSN : 23143932
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