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Título : Commented translation of content on the website of the faculty of advertising, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Autor : Arango García, Sarah Lucía
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Rojas Díaz, José Luis
metadata.dc.subject.*: Terminología científica
Scientific terminology
Parallel texts
Translation spanish into english
Textos paralelos
Terminology translation
Traducción terminológica
Traducción del español al inglés
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Citación : Arango García, S. L. (2017). Commented translation of content on the website of the faculty of advertising, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Tesis de maestría). Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia.
Resumen : ABSTRACT: This Master’s graduation project “Commented translation of content on the website of the Faculty of Advertising, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana”, compiles the process of the translation from Spanish into English of the text that contains the academic information of the faculty with the purpose to provide the information to the non-Hispanic audiences interested in the Advertising program on the UPB website. During the process, the translator addresses the difficulties faced due to the inconsistencies of the Source Text, providing an analysis on the consequences these have in the Target Text and the possibilities of translation. This work also includes a series of resources for translators that undertake an Advertising translation project. These resources include a Terminology Data Base containing syntax, lexical, and semantic element from both Source and Target Terms, as well as a token count and frequency of use on both languages. Additionally the inconsistencies found in the text were categorized along with their location, and finally, the translation is presented as a parallel text; all these for the use of the School of Languages of the Universidad de Antioquia. The analysis conducted in the process provides a starting point for a Research Study that can address the errors and mistakes on Source Texts and their incidence on the Target Text and how inadequate translations are often a result of these difficulties.
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