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Título : Relación Madre - hija : una perspectiva psicoanalítica. ¿Qué consecuencias psíquicas tiene para algunas mujeres la relación con su madre?
Autor : López Vélez, María Omaira
metadata.dc.subject.*: Clínica psicoanálitica
Madres e hijas
Madre (Psicoanálisis)
Relaciones familiares
Revisión bibliográfica
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia
Citación : López Vélez, M. (2017). Relación Madre - hija: una perspectiva psicoanalítica. ¿Qué consecuencias psíquicas tiene para algunas mujeres la relación con su madre? (Tesis de Maestría). Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.
Resumen : The presents investigation took place in the academic formation during the master’s degree on psychoanalytical investigation of Universidad de Antioquia, answering the question ¿what psychic consequences has it for some women, the relationship with her mother? Purpose for which it took place Deep investigation of some mythic tales about the mother – daughter relationship, in Greece, India, Egypt, adn a mixed society. Also, there was the review of texts and inscribed approaches in the social sciences and as a given, in the psychoanalysis. The mother is covered in a social ideal, according to which, she is inscribed in the overall love, care and protection; none the less, it is quite constant where such aspects of the mother detracts from this imaginary, when analyzing particularly the mother – daughter relationship. Other tan fulfilling a roll in the satisfaction of the need, the mother is placed as a psychic occurrence in which love, desire and drive, are a given. This research allowed the clearing of a few of the springs that knot the mother – daughter relationship, and supported in Freud, Lacan and other Psychoanalysts, which, from the theory and the clinic part have been addressing the mother – daughter relationship, like in the analysis of a literary work, it is possible to declare that: there´s not talking about the mother singularly. The mother – daughter relationship is a harmonic fact, a love and hatred dimension that is established within the woman that it inhabits each one of them and circulates from one to the other, generating impasses in some mother – daughter relationships, with unconscious consequences, that can become susceptible to be approached by the clinic.
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