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Título : Familias, infancias y crianza : tejiendo humanidad
Otros títulos : Families, Childhood and Upbringing : Weaving Fabric of Humanity
Autor : Gallego Betancur, Teresita María
metadata.dc.subject.*: Crianza
Fecha de publicación : 2012
Editorial : Católica del Norte Fundación Universitaria
Citación : Gallego Betancur, T. M. (2012). Familias, infancias y crianza: tejiendo humanidad. Revista Virtual Universidad Católica del Norte, (35), 63-82.
Resumen : This article has as purpose the tracking of different concepts about family, childhood and upbringing, based on a document search, with the objective of contribute to a theoretical framework for the analysis of the comprehensive research from a hermeneutic point of view. Universals are questioned because of the complexity of human weft, in the same way that the univocal and homogeneous answers. Therefore is proposed the importance of assuming the implications of these changes on human interaction. An interest finding which is derived from the performed review is that related to the acceptance of the fragility of the “human nestling” when is born and the role of the family in the socialization process; the upbringing processes that enable the comprehension of the diverse socio-cultural facts, the symbolic representations, the beliefs, the patterns, the habits, the guidelines, the rules and the systems or upbringing practices in the educational processes of children. The items mentioned open new horizons, without anticipating which person they will become, facing up the social and cultural expectations
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