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Título : Estado del arte de la limnología de lagos planos inundables (Ciénagas) en Colombia
Otros títulos : State of the art of limnology and flood plain lakes (swamps) in Colombia
Autor : Montoya Moreno, Yimmy
Aguirre Ramírez, Néstor Jaime
metadata.dc.subject.*: Ciénaga
Estado del arte
Lagos - Colombia
Limnología tropical
Llanuras aluviales - Colombia
Fecha de publicación : 2009
Editorial : Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Citación : Montoya Moreno, Y., & Aguirre Ramírez, N. J. (2009). Estado del arte de la limnología de lagos planos inundables (Ciénagas) en Colombia. Gestión y Ambiente. 12(3), 85-106.
Resumen : Colombia is one of the planet countries with the largest species and ecosystems diversities. The floodplain lakes or «ciénagas» (as commonly known in Colombia) constitute a type of aquatic ecosystem, that, notwithstanding their elevated specific richness, are poorly understood. Basic investigations in these environments are few, their results have been mainly published in the «grey literature» and there isn’t an updated compilation of the different aspects already treated. The objective of this article is to present the state of the art of investigations developed in the colombian «ciénagas» and their state of progress. With this aim, 150 research papers addressing investigation findings in 86 floodplain colombian lakes were examined. The results showed that the lines of investigation have mainly focused (70%) on the following topics: fisheries potential (19%), phytoplankton (16%), physical limnology (12.4%), zooplankton (11.3%) and conservation studies (10.8%). Important aspects such as periphyton, macrophytes, environmental microbiology and primary production have not been deeply evaluated yet.
ISSN : 0124177
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