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Título : Estudiantes indígenas en la universidad : ¿Qué modelo educativo caracteriza su formación?
Autor : Sierra Restrepo, Zayda
metadata.dc.subject.*: Estudiantes indígenas
Educación superior
Higher education
Educación intercultural
Intercultural education
Educación comparada
Comparative education
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Centro de Investigaciones
Citación : Sierra Restrepo, Z. (2005). Estudiantes indígenas en la universidad: ¿Qué modelo educativo caracteriza su formación?. Revista Colombiana de Educación, (48), 176-193.
Resumen : Colombian Constitutional Reform, signed in 1991, recognized that the diverse ethnic groups that are part of the country have the right to an education that respect and promote their cultural identity. However, this principle has had little or none application in High Education. Few is known about the needs of indigenous university students, their achievements and failures, their participation in the different aspects of university life, the articulation of academic content with the needs of their native communities and the changes in their lives when they come to live in urban centers. Through this project is expected to generate a reflection and dialogue about the conditions of indigenous students in universities from Antioquia y Chocó, that enable us to create programs more related with their personal and their community needs, and to enrich university life from an intercultural perspective as well. In this article, besides describing the research process we developed, we present one of the factors that negatively affects the life of an indigenous university student: the Eurocentric and acculturative educational model that characterizes Colombian universities.
ISSN : 01203916
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