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Título : Mirar mis voces : experiencias de aula mediadas por expresiones artísticas como posibilidad para resignificar mi práctica docente
Autor : Torres Espinosa, Olga Cecilia
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Práctica académica
Fecha de publicación : 2017
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia
Citación : Torres Espinosa, O. (2017). Mirar mis voces: experiencias de aula mediadas por expresiones artísticas como posibilidad para resignificar mi práctica docente (Tesis de Maestría). Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín.
Resumen : Is a research work that combines autobiographical narrative and systematization as a research methodology to rethink and redefine pedagogical practices. For this purpose, three arts-based classroom experiences as well as three artistic creation activities that address in depth teaching were systematized. Conchita, Rita and Dora, the main characters of this narrative, were created based on the statements of F. Michael Connelly and Jean Clandinin, who claim that a researcher must at the same time live, explain and relive stories. As teachers, artists and researchers, the characters present their views and postures regarding the experiences described in this paper. These experiences were collected and systematized using a format specifically designed for the present work. The findings of this research suggest that photographs play a fundamental role as a tool to support self-awareness and teacher identity, as well as a useful resource to better understand teacher-student relationships in the school daily life. Likewise, images are a tool that facilitates personal transformation through self-recognition, in addition to their communicative and expressive potential to accompany and reinforce the narrative. On the other hand, this work aims to reflect on the role of the teacher in transforming education, which requires a clear, critical posture based on Freire’s pedagogy of hope.
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