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Título : Substructures in Minor Mergers’ Tidal Streams
Autor : Noreña Blandón, David Andrés
Muñoz Cuartas, Juan Carlos
Libeskind, N
Quiroga, L. F
metadata.dc.subject.*: galaxies: formation
galaxies: interactions
galaxies: evolution
star clusters: general
globular clusters:
open clusters and associations
Fecha de publicación : 2018
Citación : Noreña, D., Muñoz J., Libeskind, N., & Quiroga, F. (20 junio de 2018). Substructures in Minor Mergers’ Tidal Streams. [Preprint]. p. 1-13.
Resumen : ABSTRACT: In this work, we explore the idea that stellar and/or gaseous substructures like stellar clusters could be formed from the tidal stream material produced in galactic minor mergers. We use two sets of N-body simulations of satellite galaxies interacting with a larger host galaxy. The first set used satellites devoid of gas while the second set used satellites with a gaseous component including star-formation and supernova feed- back. We estimated the spatial distribution of mass to identify overdensity regions in which a substructure could be formed. As a first conclusion, we found that without gas, no substructure formed as none of the overdensities show a definite morphology or dynamical stability over time. Conversely, including gas resulted in a remarkably different behavior, several clumps appear and they proved to be real physical struc- tures that remained for a considerable time ( 1 Gyr). Furthermore, the study of the orbital structure, ages and masses of the overdensities lead us to conclude that substructures (star clusters or high-velocity clouds) can be formed in tidal streams of gas-rich satellites. Also, evidence was found favoring the presence of dark matter in the substructures after the formation process, adding to the discussion about the forma- tion of star clusters and providing an observational mechanism to verify the reliability of the model.
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