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Título : Why is the Number ff EFL Teachers with no English Teaching Degree Increasing in the Profession? a Critical Study
Autor : Ramírez Ospina, Claudia Yuliana
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: González Moncada, Adriana María
metadata.dc.subject.*: Bilingualism
Case studies
Estudio de caso
Inglés - Enseñanza
Profesores de inglés
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Resumen : ABSTRACT: Colombia to accomplish its goals. This could be seen as an opportunity for graduates from teacher education programs. However, in some private language institutions teachers with no teacher education credentials frequently outnumber teachers who hold them. In this thesis, I will report the findings of an explanatory case study aiming at unveiling the reasons why this phenomenon takes place. Three data collection techniques were used: documentary analysis, coordinators’ interviews and teachers’ surveys. Three main issues appear to favor the choice for teachers who do not have a teacher education degree: their good language proficiency, their successful teaching methodologies, and an “X factor”. Data analysis suggests that coordinators in language institutions (re)interpret the NPB and this leads to the unintended consequences of discriminatory practices, stereotypes, and deskilling of EFL teachers that hold a university-based ELT degree in private language institutions in the metropolitan of Medellín.
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