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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2021Analysis of Revisers' Choices and Plans on Legal and Technical Sworn Translation : Commentaries on the Revision of Content Translated During a Translation InternshipGuío Acosta, Gustavo Andrés
2016Learning to Restructure Lesson Plans through a Primary School Lesson Study GroupBarrientos Moncada, Marta Isabel
2015Why is the Number ff EFL Teachers with no English Teaching Degree Increasing in the Profession? a Critical StudyRamírez Ospina, Claudia Yuliana
2020Localization of Mystery of the Ancients 8. No Escape Collector’s Edition : a Video Game Annotated TranslationOviedo Boada, Stephany
2019Gains and Challenges Experienced by K5 Colombian Students During the Implementation of a Unit on Bullying Using Critical Read-AloudsÁlzate Rodríguez, Paula Andrea
2020Commented Translation of the First Part of the Video Game Amnesia Memories : Analysis of a Translation in Video Game LocalizationNigrinis Martínez, María Camila
2020Critical Literacy in an EFL University Classroom : Effects of Implementing Hilary Janks' FrameworkMurillo Egurrola, Juan David
2020Critical Appropriation of Basic Learning Rights at a Public High School in Medellin : Challenges and PossibilitiesHenríquez Serna, Olga Selene
2020Commented Translation of an Opinion of the State of New York Court of AppealsGuerrero Ramírez, Paula Andrea
2020Undergraduate Students’ Meaning Making Process in the Creation and Analysis of Multimodal Texts After Receiving Training on MultimodalityDavid Areiza, Sandra Liliana
2020The Role of Multimodal Pedagogy in Developing 5th Grade Students’ Attitudes of Tolerance Towards Diversity in the English Language ClassroomBenjumea Grajales, Dora Viviana
2020Building a Multicultural and Transnational EFL Community Using Multimodal SourcesAreiza Gómez, Ildefonso
2020Situación actual de los traductores e intérpretes oficiales en Colombia : una mirada desde la sociología de las profesionesZuluaga Molina, Juan Felipe
2020A Professional Translation Internship at the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Opanal)Zapata Carmona, Sandra Cristina
2020Annotated Spanish-English Translation of the Bellas Artes University Foundation [Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes] WebsiteRestrepo Espinosa, Isabel Cristina
2020Annotated Translation From Spanish Into English of the Colombian Screenplay “Corazón De Pollo” (2011) : Aspects Related to Orality and Cultural ReferencesCastaño Panchalo, Karolin Viviana
2019Rurality and Conflict : English Teachers’ Narratives on the Appropriation of Language Education Policies in ColombiaRestrepo Méndez, Carlos Danilo
2019Gender Representations in Local Media : Exploring The Impact of a CML Unit on Adult EFL LearnersMarín García, Natalia
2019Knitting a Community of Practice as a Framework for Elementary and High School English Teachers’ own Professional Development in a Public School in Medellin : From Reflections on Practices and Beliefs and Back to the ClassLloreda Pico, Yohana
2019Gains and Challenges Experienced by Undergraduate Students During the Implemention of a Critical Reading Unit at a Public University in Medellín, ColombiaCastaño Roldán, Juan David
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 50