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Título : How can Dance and Drama in the English Class Promote Fourth Graders’ Oral Production?
Autor : Vallejo Castaño, Liseth
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Arias Patiño, Natalia
metadata.dc.subject.*: Action research
Primary school students
Teaching methods
Estudiante de primaria
Método de enseñanza
Drama in education
Oral production
Investigación acción
Producción oral
Teatro en la educacion
Fecha de publicación : 2021
Resumen : ABSTRACT : This paper reports a teaching and action research experience focused on improving students’ oralproduction by involving experience and reason in the English lessons. The experiences weremainly provided through dance and drama exercises. The project was implemented with fourthgraders of a Colombian public school. As results suggest, students easily acquired targetlanguage vocabulary and simple structures through the experiences offered by dance and drama;students improved in grammar components by repeating, singing and combining words withmovements, and gestures; students conveyed their messages better when they managed bodylanguage and the speed of speech; and students felt confident to speak since dance and dramapromoted a comfortable class environment.
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