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Título : Geography education and study of territory : possibilities for integration in social sciences teaching
Autor : Pulgarín Silva, María Raquel
metadata.dc.subject.*: Teaching
Social sciences
Citizen formation
Fecha de publicación : 2011
Editorial : Scientific Methodical Center
Citación : Pulgarín Silva, M. R. (2011). Geography education and study of territory: possibilities for integration in social sciences teaching. Problems of Education in the 21st Century, (27), 112-118.
Resumen : ABSTARCT: This paper is based on results of the research project: Guidelines for an Antioquia professorship and it aims to demonstrate the possibilities of curriculum integration that territory, as a matter of education, provides by taking the educational process of social sciences and in particular, seeking to educate knowledgeable citizens of the living space. It is a pedagogical approach where territory as a conceptual resource, is defined as the located area, consisting of a nation, socially produced, always in process and where political, economic, cultural and natural dimensions are identified; these are all conceptual systems that explain it and demand interdependence and complementarity between them when being taught. As a pedagogical approach is conceptual and methodologically based on classical thinkers like John Dewey and contemporary authors such as Milton Santos, Gimeno Sacristán, María Laura Silveira, Raquel Gurevich, Lawrence Stenhouse, Carlos Álvarez de Zayas among others.
ISSN : 1822-7864
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