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Título : La enseñanza basada en el diseño universal para el aprendizaje : una posibilidad desde el marco de la educación inclusiva con calidad
Autor : Gómez Bustamante, Ivone
Ladino Cárdenas, María Alejandra
Trujillo Sossa, Catalina
metadata.dc.subject.*: Prácticas de enseñanza - aprendizaje
Modelos pedagógicos
Educación inclusiva
Educación para todos
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Citación : Gómez Bustamante, I., Ladino Cárdenas, M. A., & Trujillo Sossa, C. (2016). La enseñanza basada en el diseño universal para el aprendizaje: una posibilidad desde el marco de la educación inclusiva con calidad. Manuscrito inédito.
Resumen : Following detailed investigation had as main objective, to analyze the relationship between the pedagogical model of an educational institution in the city of Medellin and teaching practices of two of the teachers of this institution, taking as reference the principles of Universal Design for learning -DUA-. For doing this, it was made under the paradigm of qualitative research, with an educational approach, using own techniques of this paradigm, such as participant observation, document review and structured interview, with their instruments for the systematization and analysis of the information. This way, DUA can be considered as a possibility for the implementation of the Institutional Pedagogical Model, giving coherence to teachers’ teaching practices; being approach of Education for all -EPT-, the theoretical argument that frames the ideas developed related to inclusive education. Finally, a guide was made for the implementation of DUA, aimed at teachers, as tool to enrich teaching practices within the classroom.
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