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Título : Estrategias para afrontar los conflictos en la escuela
Autor : Rayo Castro, Yusney
Perdomo Santana, Ana Sophia
metadata.dc.subject.*: Conflicto escolar
Violencia escolar
Violencia en la educación
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Citación : Rayo Castro, Y., & Perdomo Santana, A. S. (2016). Estrategias para afrontar los conflictos en la escuela. Manuscrito inédito
Resumen : The interest of this research focused on analyzing the strategies used by teachers and students to deal with the conflicts that are woven within the school context of an educational institution of public character of the municipality of the star- Antioquia; Was developed with teachers and learners of a first and second of the basic primary in the years 2015-2016. The choice of the institution was based on the high rates of violence recorded and generated there, and on the willingness and educational commitment to the problem. This research was oriented under the qualitative paradigm with an ethnographic approach, which allowed to know the strategies used by teachers and students to deal with the conflict, among them violence, punishment, annotations in the observer, and also some causes of conflict : The lack of communication, the belief that accidents are intentional aggression and rough play.
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