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Título : El discurso especializado de telefonía celular : análisis de su divulgación en Colombia
Autor : Castro Mogollón, Gonzalo
Asesor : Plested Álvarez, María Cecilia
Palabras clave : Telefonía celular
Teléfono celular
Bases de datos COLTERM
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia
Citación : Castro Mogollón, G. (2005). El discurso especializado de telefonía celular: análisis de su divulgación en Colombia (Tesis de Maestría). Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín.
Resumen: Este trabajo de investigación nace debido a la falta información y la desorientación que se experimenta cuando se leen textos de divulgación científica, redactados para la comunidad no científica de habla hispana, y que utilizan términos especializados en inglés, sin su equivalente en español
Abstract : This research work emerged from the lack of information and disorientation, that is experienced when reading texts of scientific spreading, edited in Spanish, directed to the non scientific community, and that use specializ ed terms in English, without the equivalent term in Spanish. For developing this research, the specialized discour se of cellular telephony was sought – during a two-year period – in the different texts where it was consigned. This monitoring was carried out in writings in Spanis h of the local and national press; weekly and bimonthly magazines, as well as commercial advertisements. From all them, the cellular technology terms, written in Englis h, were taken. After this labor, it was possible to gather a corpus of fifty samples; that were object of textual and terminological analysis. With this aim, the theor etical focuses of researchers in the fields of both: Discourse Analys is and Terminology were consulted. Likewise, in order to get the equivalence in Spanish of the English terms that were extracted, the official databases of Acrote rmite and EuroDicautom were consulted. The consult was extended to the glossaries of telephone-manufacturing companies as Nokia and Ericsson. Later on, a survey was applied to the cellular owners, about their skills and knowledge on the cellular handling. This survey had the purpose of checking on the secondary effects that texts wit h terminology in English leave among the cellular telephone users. At the end of the work, after analyzing each one of the samples and the survey results, some conclusi ons and recommendations are exposed. From this work, data will be tak en out in order to start the building of a terminological database in Spanish , registered in the standard COLTERM format. This database will be included in a CD, available for people who want to consult the Cellula r-Telephony Specialized Language
Programa Académico : Maestría en Lingüística
Aparece en las colecciones: Maestrías en Comunicaciones

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