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Título : Pautas de crianza y comportamientos violentos en la escuela
Autor : Delgado Rivas, Wendy Marcela
Izaguirre Salazar, Elaine
metadata.dc.subject.*: Crianza de niños
Comportamiento agresivo
Violencia física
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Citación : Delgado Rivas, W.M., & Izaguirre Salazar, E. (2016). Pautas de crianza y comportamientos violentos en la escuela. Manuscrito presentado para su publicación
Resumen : The research project parenting guidelines and violent behaviors in the school was carried out with children from third and fourth grade primary, from an educational institution, located in the municipality of La Estrella. A qualitative research with a phenomenological- hermeneutical approach and an ethnographic method was used to study the study. Different instruments of production and data recording were used, such as participant and non- participant observation, documentary analysis, field diaries, Semi-structured interviews and focus groups. To perform the analysis, an open, axial and selective coding was carried out to build the results, which showed, on the one hand, the violent behaviors and protagonists of some boys and girls who exercise verbal, physical and / Or psychological during the school day, and on the other hand the patterns of upbringing set by their families. This research showed that parenting patterns, set by significant fathers, mothers and / or adults, significantly influence the violent behaviors of their offspring.
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