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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2010Developing academic literacy and voice: challenges faced by a mature esl student and her instructorsCorrea, Doris
2016English in public primary schools in Colombia : achievements and challenges brought about by national language education policiesCorrea, Doris; González Moncada, Adriana María
2009Exploring academic writing and voice in ESL writingCorrea, Doris
2013From a bureaucratic to a critical-sociocultural model of policymaking in ColombiaCorrea, Doris; Usma Wilches, Jaime Alonso
2019Gains and Challenges Experienced by Undergraduate Students During the Implemention of a Critical Reading Unit at a Public University in Medellín, ColombiaCastaño Roldán, Juan David
1998Improving Students' Learning by Involving Them in the Design of the CourseCorrea, Doris
2019Pre-Service Teachers’ Responses to the Implementation of a Systemic Functional Linguistics Unit : an Experience in a Public University in Medellin, ColombiaChavarría García, Yenny
2020PresentationCorrea, Doris
2020PresentationCorrea, Doris
2020PresentationCorrea, Doris
2014El programa nacional de bilingüismo: un estudio exploratorio en el departamento de Antioquia, ColombiaCorrea, Doris; Usma Wilches, Jaime Alonso; Montoya, Juan
2017Raising critical awareness of the linguistic landscape : an experience with a group of pre-service english teachers in ColombiaDomínguez Cruz, Camilo Andrés
2017Using a systemic functional genre-based approach to promote a situated view of academic writing among EFL pre-service teachersCorrea, Doris; Echeverri Delgado, Sandra Milena
2014Using an SFL Genre-based Approach to Raise Undergraduate Students' Critical Awareness of Context and Register Features of Nursing TextsFlórez García, Iván Darío
2014Using SFL as a tool for analyzing students’ narrativesCorrea, Doris; Domínguez, Camilo


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